Welcome to our new therapist at The Counseling and Health Center, Jeremy Kinser!

Jeremy Kinser, PhD

Jeremy Kinser, PhD is a licensed psychologist in the state of Iowa and works with adults (ages 18 and up). For over 10 years, Jeremy has developed a practice focused on meeting the needs of individuals with diverse intersecting identities presenting with a range of social, emotional, and psychological concerns.

Jeremy's areas of specialization include anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, grief, OCD, relationship concerns, family-of-origin difficulties, and feelings of isolation and disconnection. Jeremy also has a strong interest in supporting individuals with marginalized identities who are working through identity-related challenges, especially when living in a context that doesn't support- or actively works to oppress- those identities. Finally, Jeremy has a growing expertise and investment in working with individuals whose lives are affected by early-life trauma and symptoms of PTSD.

Just about everything to do with therapy is hard. Finding the will to pick up the phone or send that initial email asking for help can be intimidating or feel like failure. Talking about difficult private experiences is almost always uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Taking risks with vulnerability in relationships can be scary. Persisting through adversity and emotional pain is exhausting. And certainly, adopting new behaviors personally and with others can feel overwhelming. To help facilitate the hard work of change, Jeremy works through a psychodynamic lens. According to this approach, part of what makes change difficult is that many of our behaviors, even seemingly harmful behaviors, have served us well at some point in our life. Jeremy is invested in helping clients cultivate a better understanding of and the ability to change those patterns of behavior that once helped but aren't so helpful any longer. He is prepared to stand beside you as you set out to make deep lasting change.

In addition to psychodynamic psychotherapy, Jeremy has extensive training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a third-wave Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Jeremy is comfortable integrating ACT, Exposure Therapy, Mindfulness, and Compassion-Focused therapy approaches to meet clients where they are.

A bit about Jeremy: He is a big nerd who loves board games, Dungeons & Dragons, and any other forms of play that invite imagination and social connection. He enjoys exercise-in-disguise: rock climbing, biking, disc golf, and other mentally-engaging ways to move his body. He values reading and learning how to be better at the craft he has committed his life to: psychotherapy. From age 15, Jeremy knew that he wanted to be "some kind of helping person" as an adult, and he is grateful that life has permitted him to share in this work with courageous others.