Jeremy Kinser, PhD

I am a licensed psychologist in the state of Iowa, and I work with adults (ages 18 and up). For over 10 years, I have developed a practice focused on meeting the needs of people with diverse intersecting identities presenting with a range of social, emotional, and psychological concerns.

My areas of specialization include anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, grief, OCD, relationship concerns, family-of-origin difficulties, and feelings of isolation and disconnection. I have a strong interest in supporting people with marginalized identities who are working through identity-related challenges, especially when living in a context that doesn't support- or actively works to oppress- those identities. Finally, I have a growing expertise and investment in working with those whose lives are affected by early-life trauma and symptoms of PTSD.

Much about therapy can be hard. Picking up the phone or sending that initial email asking for help can be intimidating. Taking risks with vulnerability and talking about concerns can feel overwhelming. And certainly, trying out new behaviors personally and with others can be challenging. To help facilitate the hard work of change, I view psychotherapy through a psychoanalytic lens. According to this approach, part of what makes change difficult is that many of our behaviors, even seemingly harmful ones, have served us well at some point in our life, so we hold on to them. I'm invested in helping patients cultivate a better understanding of, and the ability to change those patterns of behavior that once helped, but aren't so helpful any longer. With that said, while therapy can be hard, the process can also be meaningful, interesting, and even joyous. I'm prepared to stand beside you as you set out to make deep lasting change.

In addition to psychoanalytic psychotherapy, I have extensive training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a third-wave Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. I am comfortable integrating psychoanalytic thinking, ACT, Exposure Therapy, and Mindfulness-based therapy approaches to meet patients where they are.

For patients interested in working more intensively, I offer psychoanalysis, which is a focused therapy approach that entails meeting more than once per week. Psychoanalysis can foster deep self-understanding and foundational growth. Some patients enter therapy with an interest in this approach and others may decide over the course of weekly psychotherapy that they would like to deepen the work. I can help patients consider how this type of work might meet their needs or whether another approach might be better. Feel free to contact me with questions about whether this might be the kind of work you're looking for.

A few notes on billing: My fee is $170 for a 50-minute session. I have some limited flexibility in offering a sliding scale for those who may need it. I am not in-network with any insurance provider. That said, I work with patients who wish to use their insurance for treatment by providing patients with a superbill, which they can submit to their insurance provider for out-of-network reimbursement. It is important for patients to speak with their insurance provider about their benefits working with out-of-network providers to confirm their rate of reimbursement prior to our first meeting. If you have any questions about what this all means for you, or if you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please do not hesitate to reach out by calling 319-337-6998 or emailing me directly at drjeremykinser@gmail.com.