Start date is to-be-determined. Please contact Dr. Heider or the Office Manager for more info.
Meetings will be billed out of pocket at $45 each meeting

If you are a mom, you know that it comes with a host of challenges that can catch you by surprise. Although we often have the experience of other mothers through friends and family to lean on, we can still feel ill-equipped and unprepared for the huge transition of entering into motherhood and the ways that it impacts our own identity, self-esteem, and emotions. This transition only gets further complicated by society and social media, often seeing other moms appearing to look as though they have it all together. This group is focused on some of these concerns and the difficulties that emerge for mothers and soon to be mothers. Difficulties such as perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, shaming, mom guilt, adjustment, feelings of lack of support, and marital stress are just a few topics to be explored. If you are a mom or soon to be a mom, you are welcome to join this group. With the guidance of a licensed clinical psychologist, therapeutic insight, and a group healing atmosphere, you will be able to offer support, learn from the experiences of other mothers, and gain insight and emotional awareness to your own life as a mom.

Although topics will be explored each week. Topics are tentative and serve to facilitate discussion and may change based on the needs of the group.

Why group therapy?

Group therapy is similar to individual therapy in that it allows for deep exploration of individual concerns in hopes of fostering insight and emotional awareness. However, individuals who participate in group have the benefit of also obtaining support from others as well as from the two therapists in the room, allowing for the gentle reminder that you are not alone. Individuals who attend group can benefit from not only obtaining support and feedback from others, but also providing feedback to members of the group. Outside the therapy room, we as individuals work, live, and experience life in relation to others. Therefore, it is often beneficial to address concerns related to communication, connection, anxiety, depression, and relationships in a group setting.


Those who participate in group tend to find that they develop a close emotional attachment to members of the group. Therefore, there is an expectation that participants attend each session.


Group participation will be billed to your insurance. Please contact your insurance provider to determine if group therapy is covered.