Dhyana Kaufman, LMHC

Many of the emotional problems we experience may be the result of losing touch with our wise-self and becoming out of balance in our lives. We may have had disturbing or traumatic experiences that interrupted our "normal" life, sometimes sending us into a spiral of anxiety, depression, or other confusing states of mind. We may feel alone and unable to carry out our daily tasks: we may become unsure of what to do to help ourselves and fear that we are "going crazy." Psychotherapy can help us find a way forward.

My approach is holistic and experiential. I see the whole person, mind/body/spirit, not a diagnosis or a cluster of symptoms. I blend mindfulness (DBT), breath work, hypnotherapy, guided visualization, inner child work, and other expressive therapies to connect clients with their inner guidance and body wisdom. This work leads to real behavioral change, i.e., change that is reflected in what we do, not only what we think or feel. When counseling is successful, you may feel more able to face life's challenges and more empowered. Life may feel more spacious.

The holistic approach includes looking closely at issues of sleep, diet, exercise, social support, hereditary and genetic "inheritances", the work we do, our intimate relationships, our cultural expectations, and more. The framework for the work rests on traditional "talk" therapy, an understanding of neuroscience, and the mystery of each person's life.

I have a deep interest in understanding trauma and its impact, and have studied extensively on this issue. In addition, I treat anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues, codependency, recovery from divorce, loss of trust/betrayal, life transitions, and more.

I consider myself to be a compassionate and thoughtful psychotherapist who studied the mind-body-spirit for many years before becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. My interests include integrating knowledge of the chakra system with psychotherapy and earth-based (shamanic, Taoist) thought and healing practices. I am influenced by Carl Jung's (and contemporary Jungians) contribution to understanding the richness of the human psyche and the dream world.

My undergraduate degree is in Art (drawing and painting) and I continue to be inspired by the power of creativity in all forms. I offer evening hours, accept many types of insurance, and am a provider for the Mercy PHO. I invite you to step onto the path of your healing journey! Namaste.

Poetry by Mary Oliver

Poetry by Mary Oliver

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Poetry by Portia Nelson & Rumi

Poetry by Portia Nelson & Rumi

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